The Challenges Facing The Bingo Hall

The once thriving bingo halls have seen their numbers decimated in recent years, and it’s a trend many believe could end with them becoming a thing of the past, but just why are they in such dire straits?

  • Online Bingo

Fortunately, one of the reasons that the attendance figures are thinning is because more people are playing online forms of the game, for instanse in Unibet casino. All of the established bingo brands that own bingo halls will also have an online arm, so at least the revenue flows in one form or another.

  • People Are Staying Indoors

This is one of the reasons more people are playing online bingo. There are a multitude of reasons why human beings are becoming more reclusive, but one of them is based on pure economics. With less money flowing into households more people choose to stay indoors.

  • Taxation

Bingo halls are subject to a 20% tax known as bingo duty. It is payable on all bingo receipts less bingo winnings, and although this doesn’t hit the customer directly in the pocket, it does damage the ability of the bingo hall owners to invest more into their business, to make the bingo hall a more attractive proposition.

So what is being done to change the trend?

  • Electronic Bingo

Some bingo halls are turning electronic in a bid to attract the younger clientele that are used to playing their bingo online. This means bingo halls are being decked out with iPads and other electronic terminals to allow players to play their bingo electronically instead of old school style with the blotter and pad.

  • Innovative Approaches

Another innovative approach used by some online bingo sites is to create coach trips to the local bingo hall. This allows online players to mingle with fellow players and even online moderators, in a much more social setting.


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