Bonuses: Online Casino Wagering Requirements

With a new wave of users and the age of hand held devices, online casino owners are looking to draw more and more people in. They are using different techniques to attract more visitors. Those would be advertising in a provocative manner, or by giving out different bonuses. It seems that the prevailing and most popular method is offering people bonuses, but here is what you have to do in order to be eligible.

Online casino owners have learned from their mistakes. In the past, casinos would draw people by offering them bonuses that would double or triple their initial deposit. There were casinos that would even give money to their players without asking for a deposit. This was to encourage them wager more and more. Soon they saw that there is a large door in their plan that people would create multiple accounts, receive these bonuses, and make cash outs as soon as possible. They were losing money fast and they needed to do something about it. So they created the wagering requirements – a set of requirements and rules that you need to follow in order to be able to cash out.

One thing that they learned apart from how to close that door is that people were drawn in by the promise of money if they have played. They continued promoting their sites by offering bonuses, sometimes those would be a hundred percent of your initial deposit.

A simple example of the requirements

One example is the x15 Playthrough Requirement where a player needs to bet fifteen times the size of their original deposit in order to be able to make their first withdrawal. While you need to complete this in order to be able to get your money, you will get a hundred percent bonus added to your initial bankroll. If you were to deposit a hundred bucks, you would receive a hundred percent of your original deposit, making your bankroll two hundred dollars.

However in order to withdrawal you winnings, you need to bet over fifteen hundred dollars. This is fifteen times the original bet. This seems harsh to a lot of players, but it is in use with a view to offset and discourage people from committing fraudulent acts. Of course, this differs from casino to casino and such information should be displayed on the website. If not, it is your right to ask about it.


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