New Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers in Slots

Where Did Wilds, Scatters And Multipliers Come From?

Wilds, scatters and multipliers are the brainchild of program developers. The early electronic themed slot machine developers had to find a means of inducing players to remain playing the machine for longer. These three rewards are the fruition of their ideas.


Wild slot symbols are randomly indicated on an image displayed on the screen. When playing a game with fruit symbols there may be a representation of an orange. The orange would have the word bonus or some other word, possibly win, written across it. When a wild is displayed in the win line then the player will receive a bonus. It must be stressed that wilds ONLY operate when they are displayed in the win line. This can take the form of extra free spins or financial reward. The same applies if the symbol is a cherry, an apple or any other fruit representation. It is not solely assigned to oranges.


Scatter symbols are slightly different from wilds. They do not have to appear in the win line. They can appear below or above the winning line. The level of bonus will depend on the number of scatters that are shown on the screen. If a player has two scatters on a screen the reward will not be as high as have three or four scatters on the screen. The machine will have this information posted clearly where a player can read it. Bonuses for scatters are normally financial rewards or extra spins. Therefore a player is able to win in more ways than in wilds. This is an added incentive to encourage the player to keep playing.


There are two categories of multipliers. The first is a fixed multiplier and the second is a variable multiplier.


A fixed multiplier will take the player to another new screen. It will inform the player the outcome of the multiplier. Normally, it would double or triple the players’ winnings.


A variable multiplier will take the player to a new screen. There will be a selection of options displayed here. The player then gambles on which multiplier will be awarded. In this case, there will always be a LOSE option. These options normally have to be played.


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