Asian Online Casino Culture


Since the beginnings of civilized society, gambling has been one of the most popular hobbies practiced by mankind. In Asia, people are no different in their enjoyment of gambling. There is a deep rooted tradition of gambling in Asian society.

There is a saying in China today. The happiest day of a Chinese man’s life is the day he is winning while gambling and the second happiest day of his life is when he is losing while he is gambling. This does tend to endorse how deeply rooted gambling is in Asian culture.

Over the past few years, several inventive internet games have had their origins in Asia. Currently, gambling in Asia is dominated by large online casinos and internet gambling companies. Examples of these would be Royal Ace Casino, Casino Las Vegas and Win Palace. The majority of gambling revenue generated in Asia is through online gambling sites.


There are many arguments as to where online gambling started in Asia. There appears to be no definitive data available on where it started but the main theories are that it was either in China or Japan. The heavier side of the debate seems to favor China over Japan. This argument could be influenced by the size of the technological revolution in China in the 1990’s.

With this technological explosion, parts of Asia have become financially very wealthy. This new found wealth has led to a younger generation of gamblers. It is now very chic to be seen with an iphone or a tablet while walking through the major cities of Asia. It is also very chic to belong to an internet casino.


Online gambling in Asia and particularly China, Japan and Taiwan is growing at a phenomenal rate. In the past, Singapore had an enormous trade with high rollers from China. High rollers are persons who spend vast sums of money in casinos. The Singapore casinos were delighted to invite this audience in. Unfortunately it appears that some of the high rollers, who always have credit accounts with casinos, left without paying.

The west is taking notice of the development of the gambling world in Asia. The Australian entrepreneur Kerry Packer has made no secret that he has set his sights on entering the Japanese gambling market at the earliest possible convenient time. The fashion house, Versace, have already agreed to build a luxury resort and casino in Macau.


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