Online Casino Guides: Books and Movies

Casinos are a very interesting topic to delve into and it seems that authors and Hollywood alike find it to be such as well. A bright example of a movie, even a movie series, about gambling is Ocean’s Eleven – The first installment of a three series of movies that touch on the world of gambling and how one can become rich by stealing from casinos.

As far as guides go, this Hollywood flick is one of the worst out so far. However, it does give you a slight insight into the world of casino orientation and how the different security systems work. While this will not be as beneficial to your poker game as an actual lesson, it will allow you to observe a different side of the casino table.

  • How it all comes around?
  • If anything it might give you some ideas on how to behave on the casino floor and how confidence can benefit your game. Confidence is indeed very intimidating to some people and in a poker game this can be a very beneficial strategy. Even if you have a bad hand you can seem confident in your cards and play the other players on the table. This of course can backfire on you because people can catch up on your bluff and soon see behind your mask. It is a good reason why you should be genuine when you seem confident and play this role, otherwise it might prove quite disastrous to your bankroll.

  • Why Hollywood can be wrong?
  • One must remember that this is a Hollywood adaptation of an idea that is not backed up by any serious research. What happens in a movie, especially a movie with so many world renowned movie stars, is more than likely not realistic. As far as confidence goes, you can succeed in that department quite easily. Simply be the person you want to be and practice in front of friends or a mirror and you can have that George Clooney swagger as well.

It is smart not to use anything you have seen in a movie as a strategy to “rob” the casino, movies are created in a way that will appeal to the adventurer in us. This means that most of the time quite a lot of the things happening in the movie are very different from the truth.


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