Best-paying Casino Games – Which to Choose?

Online casinos have started moving away from the traditional ground based casinos and started developing different games. This is because they are not subjected to the restrictions that a ground based casino would have. This would allow them to create more and different types of games.

How do we know which games have the best payouts? It is really simple. Just calculate the different chances and probabilities of getting a jackpot or any other winning combination. Some of the games that you can see in any online casino have this already displayed on them so you are not required to do any math, don’t worry. As it turns out, just like in the ground based casinos, the games that have the biggest payouts and the best chance of you getting paid are the slot machines. This rings true for their virtual counterpart that have become the backbone of any internet based casino.

Why is this true?

Slot machines in general are easier to learn and play and usually the chance of winning is a lot higher than with any card based game. This is because slot machines do not have the human factor that is more likely to surprise you than a pre-programmed machine. While ground based slot machines pay out a lot, they do not have as many fans as the online based ones have. This is because the virtual slot machines do not require as much maintenance as do their real life counterparts.

Casinos usually lower the chance of winning in order for the machine to be able to pay for itself. In the online world, slot games require little to low maintenance which means that they can have a bigger payout chance than any other game. If compared to ground based slot machines, the online versions have anywhere between a ninety five and a ninety eight percent chance of getting your bet back and even winning more. The classic games have only a ninety percent chance of getting your bet back or even winning.

If you are a new player and if you want to win something or at least do not want to lose much, you can try your luck with a slot machine.


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