Bingo Terminology - Game Lexicon for Players

Though bingo was introduced many years ago, and has been loved be many players for a long period of time, the game has even increased in popularity more after the introduction of online bingo a few years ago. Today many bingo lovers do not have to look for bingo halls in their areas and all they have to do is have a computer and an internet connection. In order to make the game more exciting, there are bingo terminologies that players use.

Most of the online bingo companies, in a bid to beat off competition and attract as many bingo players as possible, have introduced additional features to keep their players even more entertained. One of these great features is chat function where players can interact during their online gambling. Communicating with other bingo players you see that though the game is played online, the words you say to each other remain the same . If you are new to bingo online you may find it a bit hard to understand and that is why it is necessary to understand these terminologies first. Some of the bingo terminologies are standard abbreviations often used in text messages, some of which are commonly known and some might be new. Known as Chat Room Lingo in the UK, bingo players who chat whilst they play at, often use popular bingo abbreviations such as "WTG"- Way to go, after a win or "GL" - Good luck, before a game. This chat room lingo is also combined with longer phrases:

• “He jumped the gun” is a game slang which is common even outside bingo hall and it means exactly what it represents in other games, and even life situations, and that is shouting bingo before actually having one. In most cases players do this because they likely have the bingo but the number has not yet been called.

• “Ï was so cased” is also another terminology in bingo which means that a player only needs one number to be able to complete a specific bingo pattern. This terminology can also be replaced by chance, ready, set, down and waiting. In most cases a player has bingo but the number call has not been made yet.

• “Sorry about the falsie!”is another terminology in this exciting game and this one means that a player has called bingo by accident. In this scenario the player most likely has read a number wrongly or has incorrectly stamped their cards.

• “Who’s moon lighting it tonight?”is another terminology in bingo that players should know and this means who is playing the late night bingo which usually starts around 10pm. This terminology is however less common in online bingo and this is because most of these sites have players from all over the world meaning that their times are different so it can be moonlighting for one player and breakfast for another.

• “I hope we see some wild numbers tonight”. Wild numbers in bingo is the first drawn ball which allows players to start the game having multiple called numbers.

Keeping in mind these few terminologies will greatly improve your bingo experience as it will be easy to communicate with other bingo players. The best way to ensure you remember all these terminologies is to keep practicing with them by using them regularly.


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