Biggest Bingo Winners - Prominent Names

Since the introduction of bingo, many players have won different prizes. Previously, players not only won prizes in terms of money, but also in terms of goods, since not everyone had the access to cash. Today, however, all the bingo prizes are in terms of cash and there have been several notable individuals who have won a considerable amount of money. It is, however, impossible to mention every bingo winner, that is why the best decision will be to name those whose winnings were the highest ones.

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Christine Bradfield

Christine Bradfield is one of the biggest bingo winners in recent history. Christine who hails from Bargoed in Caerphilly hit £1.1 million on January 27 2008 at The Castle Club in Mertyr Tydfil. Christine had been a regular at this club for more than 11 years and was just a regular citizen who owned a garage where she vowed to continue working despite her new found status. This prize money was the National Bingo Platinum prize which was for the night session of the club on Sunday. This prize money was played for at 470other clubs across the UK and it is the biggest in the world according to its organizers. Christine was at that ti Soraya Lowell me 53 years old and had two children.

Soraya Lowell

Soraya Lowell, a 38 year old cleaner, is another notable big winner in bingo. The welsh mother of four from Hamilton, Scotland won £1.2 million the National bingo game together with its jackpot in March 2008. This jackpot beat that of Christine Bradfield that she won earlier that year in January. Soraya decided to share half her winnings with her neighbor Agnes O’neil who was also her bingo companion and was with her on that fateful day. According to the National Bingo bosses this could be the biggest prize money in bingo in the world. As was the case with Christine Bradfield, Mrs. Lowell also vowed to return to her usual work.

Other Winners

William Hill is also one of the people who have won big with bingo and in this case he set the world record for the fastest bingo win ever. Others are Darryl Howe who hails from Moreton-in-Marsh who won £18,000 after claiming a full house after only 23 calls. All these stories further prove that bingo players can win big and all they need to do is play and enjoy the game. It is also necessary to always keep believing despite any losses you might have experienced in the past or in the present. Always ensure you employ the bingo strategies that increase your chances of winning. It is also important to use bingo companies that have a good track record.


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