US Bingo Games

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the American soil. Basically this game has over the time attracted more and more people and is now being played by thousands and thousands of U.S citizens. Bingo is a wide game that consists of several types. Precisely, Bingo is randomly played with a series of drawn numbers.

On this game of chance; players must match their numbers against those that are pre-printed on a certain matrices pattern, i.e. a5x5 matrices. The numbers on the matrices may be printed on a certain kind of paper, a card stock or alternatively be electronically presented. These represented matrices are commonly termed as cards. Bingo has various concluding versions. For example when a certain player first achieves a certain pattern of numbers from the drawn numbers, that particular game may be concluded. On conclusion, the winner has to call out the term “BINGO!” This is a procedural occurrence basically to alert his fellow players of a possible win. At all times the wins are scrutinized for accuracy before a bingo official confirms the win and officially announces it. At this point the winner is given his prize and then another game is started. This bingo version, players compete against each other for a particular jackpot or a prize.

The game of Bingo was initially invented around the year 1929.Since inception the game has over the time evolved through multiple variations. As other alternative playing methods creates more excitement with increased participation, there are gambling jurisdiction laws that regulate how Bingo should be played. In addition, Bingo has nearly unlimited unique patterns that could be further specified for play. At some point, some Bingo patterns only demands that only a certain number should be matched. This should cover all the games that award the prize/jackpot against other players. This is to ensure that one covers the whole card and various award prizes to the other involved Bingo players for no matching numbers or avoid them achieving any pattern.

Bingo Variations

As mentioned earlier, Bingo has several variations. For example U-Pick’ Em Bingo, Horse Racing Bingo, Quick Shot Bingo, Table Bingo, Bonanza Bingo as well as Electronic Bingo. Lets us have a look at one of these Bingo variations.

U_Pick’Em Bingo

This is a common bingo form that makes the involved players select their unique series of numbers that they so wish to monitor and mark for a possible win. This particular form of Bingo somehow resembles a game called ‘Keno’. Keno is a game that was initially invented by the Chinese people. It closely predates the Han Dynasty. However it is considered as a Bingo variant and is indeed considered in all the jurisdictions pertaining to Bingo governing regulations.


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