Japanese Slots and Their Features

Slot machines are a fun way to pass the time in casinos or entertainment centers. Most people have probably seen them in movies and probably some have even tried them.

In this article, you will find out a bit about the slot machines used in Japan, their ancestor, the traditional Pachinko game, the regulations in place that make sure that one can actually win, a bit of how the machine operates in order to give the pleasure of gambling, a few tricks made by the machine owners, and how you can protect yourself from them and benefit.

History and Features

Found in the adult sections of entertainment centers, the descendants of the traditional Japanese game ‘Pachinko” (today known as Pachisuro or Pachislo) offer a great experience.

With the classic 3-reel slots and integrated circuits, the machine provides a rough outcome per level of around 90% - 160%, and even 200% if the player is using skill, which actually makes them beatable.

As in many other places in Japan, operators set most of the machines to collect money, but they are smart enough to make some of them on the floor so that someone might actually win. This is done to encourage new players to come and bet using the psychology of the Gambler’s Fallacy.

Of course, there are some rules and regulations that manage this sector as well. One of them is that there must always be three reels which should not spin at more than 80 resolutions per minute, and also that the reels should stop after 0.19 seconds after the stop button is pressed. That is so one can actually see what is going on. Another rule is that the credit meter can’t go higher than 50 with a 3 coin maximum bet, and that no more than 15 coins can be paid out per day.


There are a couple of bonuses offered by the Japanese slot machines, but the only one you’ll ever need is the Renchan bonus. The Renchan bonus gives you several bonuses in a row that provides you with the great payouts of 5000 to even 10000 coins per payout. But watch out, once a machine gives this kind of payout, it is bound to go back to stock mode. This means it won’t give any more payouts until it is “fed” again, which usually happens after the machine has returned the amount it has lost.


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