All of the Available Casino Game Types

Casinos have a lot to offer to their visitors. There is so much that a person can get overwhelmed very quickly. This article will give you a short description of the most popular casino game types available in most casinos.

The casino scene is slowly but surely changing. There are the classic games that still depict the old games we all love to watch and play. However, new technologies have allowed for a slight modernization of otherwise classic games, like the different slot machines that people can find in casinos all over the world.

Video Slot Games

More people like to play these kinds of games, and why wouldn’t they? Even though they are the video versions of different slot machines, the video slot games are not restricted to 3 to 5 roller. They can actually provide the player with some tremendous graphics. For example, some video slots show cut scenes if they are movie related. Video slot machine developers have learned to use these types of tricks pretty well, and it seems to be working. Video slot games are taking over from the roller slot games, and they are doing it with great force.

Reel Slots

The reel slots are the most classic of these types of games. This is where you simply pull a lever and watch the screen in the hopes that you get more than one symbol on the central line. These games are still around, but are quickly being taken over by the video slot machines, mainly because of the graphics and the fact that they are not restricted by tangible movements.


Blackjack is a very classic game which can be seen in any self-respecting casino. The goal of this game is to win, of course. The hand that wins is the hand that has a card total that does not go over twenty-one.

Scratch Games

These games are the casino version of lottery scratch off tickets. Most casinos now employ the video version of these games in order to draw even more people in. This might easily fall under the “video game” type of games that you can see in casinos, but it is slightly different.


Bingo is a classic game that every grandmother in the world has played or is looking to play. You simply try to get a Bingo as many times as possible.


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