What makes sports betting sites good?

We are not all the same, so our sports betting needs differ. Nevertheless, we'll try to outline the best sports betting sites based on our experience.

Transparency. No one likes a chaotic website. These sports betting sites are no different from other gambling sites. Clarity, traceability, and user-friendliness are paramount when we talk about good sports betting sites.

Bonuses. If sports betting sites from this list only offer bonuses to new members or don't offer many options, it's annoying. The diversity of promotions offers and bonuses is also important when looking for sports betting sites.

Diversity of events. Football, handball, and horse racing are just a few of the sports we love. That's why sports betting sites need to be diverse, with a wide range of offers and events you can follow and bet on.

Currency. We love fiat currencies, so in addition to sporting events, we also like to bet on foreigners with their money in crypto. And the outstanding sports betting sites can accommodate our wishes here too!

Why do we talk so much about bonuses?

We keep repeating ourselves: bonuses, bonuses, bonuses! But why do we bring it up so often? What makes bonuses so important? If used well, bonuses and promotions can allow you to bet bigger and win bigger.

A bonus rolled back simultaneously as winning bets can give us additional bonuses. And different offers and promotions can also help us to bet more boldly and at higher stakes.

What are the bonuses?

There are two broad categories of bonuses: bonuses for existing customers and new members. We've already introduced you to the various bonuses available on sports betting sites; here's a quick recap of the most popular, catchy bonus types.

Free Bet. This Bonus offers free, risk-free betting as part of a welcome or special offer. Although it has the word free in the name, it is not a completely free offer, as this option is more of a free play offered by the bookmaker. Usually, the bookie is responsible for the price of the free game, but you can still rip off the jackpot!

Welcome bonus. New members may be offered a welcome bonus as a welcome offer. This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, sometimes 50, sometimes 100 percent of the first top-up amount. It is important to note that, like other bonuses, this one has wagering requirements on sportsbook sites.

Live Bet. Now that the football season is upon us, Live Bet bonuses are also in effect for bets placed during live streaming. This can also be event specific, where you need to bet on one particular event to access this Bonus.

Deposit bonus. Also available to existing customers who can also receive a bonus of a certain amount if they top up their balance.

Payment method-specific bonus. Many bookmakers link their bonuses to a payment method, so it is often worth reading the small print and taking advantage of this option.

Mobile bonus. You can also get bonus offers using phone apps. Just download the bookmaker's app!

Refer a friend. Refer a friend to the bookmaker you bet with, play together and get a bonus! It's also worth it for your friend, as he or she will receive a welcome offer!

How to find the best bonus offers?

Regarding bonuses, it's best not to be too hasty. More bonuses than you might think may apply to you. Welcome bonuses are not the only ones. There are also balance top-up bonuses, event-specific bonuses, and the list goes on and on.

To use the best bonus for you, it is better to keep your eyes open and compare the offers of different bookmakers. How can we find the best bonus offer in a sea of promotions? Of course, it's also up to you, but here are some criteria to follow.

The Bonus has conditions of use, it is not easy money. All bonuses have a wagering requirement, which means that the Bonus must be used within a certain period (usually 30 days) and wagered at a certain multiplier. Usually, you need to wager 20x or 50x the bonus amount, which may seem like a large amount, but you can quickly reach it if you wager more than once.

What is a good bonus?

This is a very subjective topic. We recommend that when choosing a bonus that is right for you, you should keep in mind the terms of use, wagering requirements and how much deposit it will cost you. If you do not have enough money, look for a smaller bonus rather than foregoing the game.

What conditions do I have to meet to use a bonus?

It depends on the bookmaker, what kind of bonus you can get. Some bonuses are available weekly or monthly, either event specific or after a deposit. Some bonuses are awarded after you have topped up your balance or when you place a large bet.

All bonuses have their conditions of use, which must also be met. A bonus is subject to a wagering requirement, which means that the bonus amount must be wagered back into bets at a certain multiplier within a particular time, usually within a month, and only after that if the wagering period has expired. You have won every round; can you claim your winnings? If you fail to do so, you will forfeit any winnings with the bonus up to that point, and the bonus will be forfeited.

However, if we are discouraged by many bets, the bonus is that we can bet in smaller stakes, using smaller bonuses. When choosing the best Bonus for you, always calculate the wagering rate and compare it with your budget to see whether you can afford to use the Bonus or not.

Minimum wagering. If a bonus sounds good, it is essential to look at it carefully and pay attention to the minimum wagering you need to make to claim the bonus. If the minimum bet is too high for us by default, the Bonus will not be in our favor.

Time limit. There is a time limit for using bonuses, usually 30 days. If we do not meet this time limit, we will forfeit any winnings we have made with the bonus, and the bonus will be forfeited.

What is a fair bonus? From our point of view, an appropriate bonus is one that we can meet all the conditions of. It does not have an unrealistically high deposit amount or wagering requirement, it gives us enough time to wager, and we can bet realistic amounts.

Not all that glitters is gold

Tempting first offers, welcome offers, and free bets? Who wouldn't be surprised! But it's important that when choosing a sports betting site, you don't select your bookmaker based on that alone. It could be that the first offer is super cheap, but later on, they barely give anything to existing customers, or the site may simply not suit our wallet or taste. So when choosing a sports betting site, try to consider your options from several angles, according to what you want to get out of betting and your financial constraints.

Not every bet is a winning bet, just as a bonus is not a guaranteed success. A good bookmaker that we trust and a good strategy are essential for successful betting. Luckily, we deal with some top bookmakers, so you can count on us to help you decide.


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