Regional Blackjack Games Variants and Rules

Blackjack is a game of rules and strategies, just like poker. But it is a game that you must play against the dealer and the dealer alone. Rules govern the table, and the house can use these rules to bend the arms of any potential winner. The rules and their different variants are a very interesting aspect of the game as well, and here are some examples for rules that seem odd in the context of the game.


The main goal of the game is to have more chips and a higher number than the dealer at the end of any given hand. The total of the cards that you have is the thing that determines whether or not you win. There are four scenarios that can occur after the hand is over. You can lose, in which case the bet that you have places is taken by the house and you have to re-bet or leave the table. The case during which you lose is if the dealer gets, in any situation, a higher total than you after the end of a hand, in that case you lose. You can also love if you go above 21, which is called busting.


You can win, of course, by getting a higher number that is not above 21. If you get a higher total than 21, you automatically lose regardless if the dealer also has a total of twenty one. In this case, the player wins either a 1.5 ration. This means that if your original bet is ten dollars, you get your money back and you win fifteen dollars in addition. There are some rules that bend, such as this one. The amount that you win is predetermined by the total you have. If it’s above the soft of the dealer then you win a 1 ration. That means that if you bet ten dollars you get them back and you get another ten back.


You can also draw. The draw is where both the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand have the exact same total. In this case the player does not lose, nor does he win anything, he simply keeps his current bet and has the option to re-bet.


You can also surrender. However, this is subjected to rules. Some casinos do not allow for players to surrender. You can surrender in a case where you are sure the dealer has a better hand than you do. In this scenario, you get half of your bet back and the house gets the other half. The different rules can state that you can surrender only if you have not split or double downed, and so forth.


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