Online Casino: Games of Skill and Games of Luck

Some of the games offered by online casinos do require a level of skill. Some casino games need a degree of technical knowledge of how the game is played (skill) and an element of luck for the outcome to be profitable for the player. Other casino games such as bingo or slots require no technical knowledge at all. For a player to win at this it is purely luck that is required.

Most professional and experienced players will play games where the house has a low edge. This, they believe, will offer them a greater chance of maintaining a higher win rate. The payout will be lower than on high edge games, but in theory, there should be more payouts. A new or novice player will play the high edge games with the hope that they will gain a high payout. This method is purely based on luck.

Casino games of luck are exactly what the previous phrase says. They are games of luck where the house has the edge.

There are two important rules governing games of luck.

Firstly, the house always has the edge no matter how small the percentage - the house has the edge. The edge may be between 0.5% and 10%. This means that for every bet placed in the house will be taking between 0.5% and 10% of that bet.

Secondly, the players’ job is to forecast the outcome of subsequent games based on history.


  • Slots
  • Slots are powered by random number generators which makes playing purely down to luck.

  • Online Bingo
  • As with slots this is powered the same way.

  • Keno Lottery
  • Again ken lottery is powered by random number generators.

  • Scratch cards
  • Scratch cards are based solely on luck. The manufacturer chooses the payout rate and the cards are printed based on the payout rate.

  • Roulette
  • Roulette is based solely on luck.

  • Instant win games
  • As with roulette instant win games are purely luck based.

  • Craps
  • Playing craps is mostly based on luck but some players would argue that there is an element of skill involved.

  • Sic bo
  • Sic bo is a game played with three dice. As with craps some players argue there is an element of skill.


  • Blackjack
  • Video poker
  • Poker
  • Sporting events

All four of the above require an element of skill. All players have to understand the tactics of the games and apply this to their playing strategies.


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