Winning in German Roulette Game Varieties

This article will introduce you to the game of German Roulette. The goal of every roulette game for the player is to predict in which sector the mini ball will stop. The game is a rather fascinating test of ones luck because it is simply impossible for the outcome to be predicted.


Originally making its appearance in France in the 17th century, the word roulette actually means “little wheel” referring to the main component of the game.

As soon as casinos made their appearance in the world, roulette stood up as one of the main games next to poker, blackjack, and slot machines.

Las Vegas Roulette

This is probably the most common variety of the game given the fact that Las Vegas is considered the Mecca of gambling games. Its rules are like follows:

• The player decides what bet to make but one must keep in mind that every casino out there has its own minimum and maximum wager.

• There are many different kinds of bets a player can make. For example: the inside (split, straight, corner, triple and others) and the outside (color, dozen, even/odd and others).

• The players press the spin button and until the wheel is spinning, he or she can adjust the bets until the computer says the “No more bets” command.

• The Las Vegas roulette is played with a double 0 (00) sectors which means that there are 38 symbols on the wheel.

Biloxi Roulette

Developed and created by Joe Biloxi the main goal of this roulette system is for the player to place the necessary parts in order to cover the 32 out of 38 possible outcomes (like in the Las Vegas roulette here you again have the 0-0 sector).

In order to do that you must place values like this:

- 6 values on the 1st column (numbers 1-34)

- 6 values on the 3rd column (numbers 3-36)

- 1 value between 0 and 00

- 1 value between 8 and 11

- 1 value between 17 and 20

- 1 value between 26 and 29

Atlantic City Roulette

The Atlantic City Roulette is different from the Las Vegas type in these manners:

- Even-money bet. If you choose this, you will lose only half of the bet you made if the ball stops at the 0, 0-0 sectors.

- Note that the even-money bet can only be made on Red (1-18) sectors, the Black (19-36) sectors, or the Odd/Even ones.

Whichever version of the game you play, it can always be a pleasurable experience.


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