Charity Bingo Games - How to Help Others with Bingo

In some countries bingo as a gambling game is prohibited, though it is allowed to be played in charity purposes. A charity bingo game can only be organized by a registered charity organization, non-profit organization, and according to the commonly established laws these companies should have been operational for at least three years. These organizations should also be exempt from federal income taxes.

The money that is raised from charity bingo games should only be used for religious, scholastic, charitable, civic and benevolent purposes. It is also important to note that all charity bingo games have a limit for their jackpots. There are various laws that govern the jackpot size, the prize money distribution, as well as the amount of games, and these laws vary depending on the state they are being played in. Playing bingo is one of the best methods that people can use to raise funds. The idea of using bingo for charity purposes was popularized by Charles H Hagus who was a pastor of a small catholic in Denver, Colorado known as The Annunciation.

How Charity Bingo Games Appeared

This idea came about when Charles H Hagus wanted to rebuild an old building that was dilapidated and was supposed to become the house of church school. The church used to lease another building for up to $50 a month and they had started experiencing funding problems, and so the Pastor approached the man who discovered the game of bingo, Edwin Lowe as a way of raising funds for his church. When Lowe agreed, the idea came into being, as it helped not only raise good money for refurbishing the old school house, the money also allowed to buy the Greek Orthodox Church where the bingo games started being played from and the new building started housing the Annunciation which was renamed Hagus Hall. During this time other religious organizations across the United States and that is why today most people associate bingo with churches.

Why to Choose Charity Bingo

Playing charity bingo games is just the same as playing the normal bingo with the only difference - some percentage of the ticket sales is given to a specific charity. Many celebrities use this type of bingo to participate in various charities. Bingo charity games have also been used to raise money for many big organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society as well as Make a Wish Foundations among many others. Online bingo companies have also started hosting charity bingos. It is also wise to observe the charity bingo rules and regulations to ensure that apart from raising funds you also get to enjoy the game. Doing some research on some of the best charity bingo companies is also a good way of ensuring that you get to ensure that the funds intended for charity.


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