Strategies for Online Bingo Games

Where it All Began?

Tracing back the game’s history to around 1530, bingo is one of the oldest games in the modern era, next to chess and cards. It originally appeared in Italy as a lottery game called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Ítalia” and is still traditionally played every Saturday.

The Internet

Bingo always requires some concentration and reflexes but nowadays the internet platforms have the “auto-daub” option which makes it easier to play. That way you can really relax while winning tokens, coins or even real money, just by sitting in front of the computer. There is also the auto bingo option that makes the game even easier.

You can just sit there and enjoy the scenery, since most of the games that are on the internet today have different backgrounds and soundtracks that really get you in the mood for playing. For example: the Bingo World game on Facebook, where you can go around the world and participate in many different tournaments.

Power-ups or Simply Buffs

There are many different kinds of “buffs” you can use to help you win. There are treasure chests and other items spread across the card, and also the power level buff which is acquired when you place three or four “beans” on the card.

The best way to win more and more games is to use the four card option, because your chance of getting a Bingo is increased tremendously. If possible, always choose that option. For every bingo, you receive some tokens. These are mostly the in-game currency and some coins which can be spent for power-ups that make your game an even greater experience.

Different games have their different systems for amplifying your chances of victory, but every single game follows the same rules. No matter where you get a strategy, you are always right on target because the general mechanics are still there.


One of the strategies you can use when you get more than one card is to make sure the numbers vary as much as possible. This will give you more chances of success. Another strategy is quite the opposite but it is riskier.

Get almost the exact numbers you have on your first card, so whenever you score a bingo on one of the cards you will score on the other as well. Whether you play on the internet or in a casino, bingo is always a fun game to play.


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