What do you get when you combine slots and Bingo? Well, you get Slingo! This online game has been played since 1995 when it was released by AOL.

How do you play Slingo?

This is a multiple player game, and each player is expected to spin the numbers at the bottom of a bingo card upon which five numbers appear. If any of the numbers are found on the card, then they are marked off as is done in bingo which you can try on this online bingo site, which is the first bingo site I ever played on. The point of the game is to get the highest number of points. This must be achieved by a player covering all the numbers and patterns on their card in twenty spins or less than twenty spins.

The game starts with the players being given a card with 25 numbers on it. The numbers are arranged in five columns, with five numbers on each column. Under each column, you will find a wheel. There is a button indicating “spin”. When pressed, this button produces random numbers and game icons that can be matched with the columns on the Slingo card. The idea is to make it through five levels to win a prize.

Icons in Slingo

Pattern- All numbers in a pattern have to match in order to win points or move up to the next level.

Key – This symbol adds 1,200 points to a player’s score.

Free spin – When a player gets this icon, he/she can use it to buy spins, instead of using their points to do so. This icon can get a player 17 - 20 free spins.

Gold coin – It adds a thousand points to a player’s score.

Super joker  - This icon can be used to match any number on the Slingo card. This icon must be placed before a player is able to match other numbers or jokers.

Joker – This icon can be used to match any number in the column they are found in. A player gets bonus points when 3 or more than 3 jokers appear in a single spin.

Devil – This icon takes away half of a player’s points

Cherub – This icon is supposed to challenge the Devil to prevent it from taking half of a player’s points.

How do you get a SLINGO, and what are the points per icon?

Slingo is a combination of Bingo and slots and like in Bingo, you need to declare “Slingo!” to win. To get Slingo, a player is expected to get five numbers covered diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Each Slingo is worth a thousand points, and there are 12 possible Slingos in the game.

  • A key is worth 1,200 points.
  • Gold coin is worth 1,000 points.
  • 5 jokers in a single spin equal 10,000 points
  • 4 jokers in a single spin equal 2,500 points
  • 3 jokers in a single spin equal 1,000 points
  • Slingo is worth 1000 points
  • A pattern is worth 5,000 points
  • Making a match is equal to 200 points

Though it seems complicated, Slingo is an easy and fun game. There are a lot of online free Slingo games for an individual to practice on and get a feel of the game. These are a few Slingo facts to get you started. To find out more click here.


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