Learning how to play roulette online may seem very simple. All you have to do is to spin the wheel and drop the ball and guess the pocket. If it falls in the pocket you guessed, then you will win the bet. That's all there is in roulette but you are wrong!. You must not give up thinking that the game is completely dependent on your luck. You must try to find a way to increase the profit you get out of the game. So you must learn the strategies involved in placing the bets. Many gamblers find the game very easy when they play but it turns out to be very difficult for the players to master it. So we have formulated and theorized various bets that can be strategically placed during the Roulette game. You can also find guides on the methods of calculating your odds. Go through it and learn it so that you will find a way to win big in the roulette game you participate in.

What Are the Basic Rules of Roulette77?

There are two variations in Roulette game, one with 37 pockets called European Roulette and the other with 38 pockets called American Roulette. The pockets are generally designated from 0 to the number 36. In American Roulette, you will find the additional pocket numbered as 00. The pockets are in different colors that are 18 pockets are colored red and the other 18 are colored black. The pockets designated as zeros will always be colored as green. The dealer, who is also called as the croupier, turns the wheel and spins the ball around the wheel in an outer rim. The ball will then stop at a space which is numbered. The main objective of the game is that you have to guess the numbered space that the ball will fall into. You can place a bet before the wheel spins. It can be any individual number or a combination of numbers. You can always continue placing bets and generally, players do continue placing bets till the dealer spins the ball and the ball comes to halt. When the ball stops spinning and settles in a pocket, your dealer will announce the pocket in which the ball settled and who have won the bet. To distinguish the winners, markers are used so that you can easily sweep the losing bets off the table. After the spin and announcement of the winner, your dealer will pay the winners out accordingly. Once this is done, the next spin begins. The main things the entire game of Roulette depends on is the amount of money you have in your pocket to wager and the betting strategies that you have up your sleeves. It always takes care of these two factors to play Roulette online game. Play roulette online!



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