Different Variations of the Popular Bingo Game

Casino and even non-casino players all know about bingo as it is one of the most recognizable games of chance in the world according to many slot reviews of the most popular online games. Traditionally, it is played using a bingo card where there are the letters B-I-N-G-O with numbers right below each column. When one of the players achieves a pattern, he will be declared as the winner and thus, the game is concluded.

However, due to the popularity of this game, there are now various versions of it. All across the world, here are the different types of bingo being played today:

Bingo U-Pick ‘Em

It is more like lotto where players get to pick the numbers they want to win. It is also being compared to Keno, a Chinese game, because of the resemblance. Nevertheless, it is a variant of bingo and is actually one of the popular ones.

Bingo Bonanza

This is yet another great bingo variation where there are already 43 drawn numbers. Depending on the game, those numbers can be all odd or even or simply random. When no one gets all 43 as bingo, the caller will proceed with the next numbers until someone gets a pattern. The best part is that when no one has bingo yet, the jackpot will continue to increase.

Horse Race Bingo

Up to 15 players can join in this variant of bingo. These players will have their own numbers from 1-15 which will correspond to the top row of their cards. Once a player gets five matching numbers in his column, he will be the winner of horse race bingo.

Death Bingo

This is actually a very fun game and many game reviews agree as it inverts the real sense of the traditional bingo game. When one player gets bingo, he will be eliminated. Therefore, the last one standing will be declared the winner. In other places, when a player gets bingo, all the other players will find out if they have the least number of filled spaces in their cards. Evidently, the winner will be the one with many spaces left.

Facebook Bingo

With the fame of Facebook games, bingo cannot be left behind. There are now several dozens of bingo games on Facebook, which can be played online. Facebook bingo varies from other types simply because of the power ups offered here. The power ups can increase the advantage of other players. These can be collected or purchased using the Facebook platform. Some of the most popular games include Zynga Bingo, BamBam Bingo, and Bingo Blitz.

Electronic Bingo

You can say that Facebook bingo is a part of this variant. It is, but there are notable differences between the Facebook and online casinos including the fact that electronic bingo does not have power ups. This type is actually just the computer version of traditional bingo, usually with the use of online slot machines.

90-Ball Bingo

This is probably the most popular bingo form in the United Kingdom where there are tickets used in order to play. These tickets, which are sold in six strips, have 15 numbers evenly distributed over three boxes. Each row of boxes contains five numbers. The game is called 90-ball because there are exactly 90 numbers in this bingo. To play, it is almost like the traditional bingo where players have to cross off the called numbers and the one who marks five numbers in one ticket will be the winner.

Mini Bingo

This consists of 30 bingo balls in one ticket that has nine squares in a matrix of three. It is rapidly becoming popular these days, featured in websites with free online slots games. This is perhaps due to its quickness. Each game will only take a few minutes to complete, so there are several winners already in one hour alone.


This is another UK bingo game which can be called a full house bingo as well. In the United States bingo, this is often referred to as “blackout.” The main objective here is to cover all the numbers on the bingo ticket. There are some bingo halls that offer progressive jackpots to this game. When a certain number of balls are reached, say in groups of 10, the jackpot is increased.

These bingo variations create more excitement and challenge at the same time. There are now even games on the web that feature these kinds of bingo with huge online jackpots. Whether you want to pass time or to be social, bingo is definitely a great game to play.


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