The Variety of Themed Slot Machines


A themed slot machine is a slot machine that has a theme based around its play. Today they are almost all electronic video slot machines. Though there are examples of non-electronic machines in existence. Probably the most famous of these games is Cleopatra. Cleopatra was originally developed in the 1990’s at the start of the themed video slot machine era. The game plays in almost exactly the same way as non-themed slot machine.

The original versions had three reels but this was quickly expanded to five reels. This indicates that the player has more chances of winning. In reality, this is not the case the chances of winning are dictated by the manufacturer or the casino. The graphics and audio are based around an Egyptian theme. The Pyramids, the river Nile and the dessert are all presented. Cleopatra herself makes an appearance on the reels. The audio is pseudo-Egyptian music. Developers thought that it was important to have atmospheric music as the background to the game. This would induce a sense of wellbeing, excitement or any other emotion that the game was attempting to create.

One of the best inducements in themed slot machines is the incorporation of bonus games. These bonus games are accessed by attaining certain levels in the game. Normally it would be based around the amount of time the player has been playing or the amount of money the player has spent. In some cases it is a combination of both the above. The idea of bonus games is to attract players to spend more money and time on the particular slot machine. Players may see this as a reward but it is actually a form of inducement used to separate players from their money.


Themed slot machines can be based on any theme. The theme could be, comic book heroes, board games (such as Monopoly or Cluedo) films, fantasy legends, historical events or even pop stars. There is a famous game which is based around Elvis Presley. There are even slot machines that have an adult theme. The list of themes is endless. There are as many possibilities of developing a themed slot machine as the human mind can invent.

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